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The primary navigation bar is on the left, the old pictures of Hailey’s birth and first 10 months are, surprisingly enough, under Hailey 2004.  New pictures and a couple of videos are broken out by month on the left under each main navigation block.

The pictures of Brooke’s birth are under February 2006.

Each section is composed of small thumbnails (~5 KB each) so you can see the pictures even over a slow line.  Clicking on the picture will switch to a slide show view, with each picture somewhere around 150-250 KB.  You can select pictures one at a time navigating from the thumbnails and using the back button to return to the thumbnails, or cycle through all pictures in the slide show view.  If you would like to print out any pictures on a photo quality printer or online please email us and we'll email or load the original full quality image (~3 MB-5 MB) on the site for you.

Claudia, Martin, Hailey, and Brooke.

(by the way, for anyone responding to a Spam/419 email - I am NOT Dr. Bruce or Mr. Baumer or Mr. Martins, I do NOT have an abandoned bank account I want to transfer to you, and please Google “Nigeria 419” to find out why anything that looks too good to be true usually is, especially on the Internet.)

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